Fair Promotion at Sichuan

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Chengdu is located on the edge of the fertile plains of the Red Basin in China's Sichuan Province. Due to its agricultural wealth, Chengdu is sometimes called the "Land of Milk and Honey".


According to the records, Bashu is the cradle of tea, so Sichuan can be called a very important place of tea, and Chengdu Xinin is the first place where started tea business during Tang and Song dynasty. After that, Chengdu became the main center of tea business, so did the tea production. With the continuing development of economy, tea has popularized among normal people.


We can see teahouses in Chengdu everywhere, which become the most relaxed places for Chengdu citizens. Tea houses have become one of the most famous characters of Chengdu and attract many visitors from the world. Definitely as the best way to present local culture, sipping tea at a local historic tea house is one of must-do in Chengdu.


On May 8-11, Team of Xiamen Tea Fair flied to Chengdu to promote Xiamen Tea Fair, in order to explore further this huge and potential tea market.