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Why to Visit

 Why Xiamen Tea Fair?

• The development of China’s tea industry is promising.

-   One of the biggest tea production and consumption countries.

-   375,200 tons of tea exports in 2022, generating foreign exchange of USD 2,082,000,000, to more than 126 countries and regions across the world.


• Xiamen Tea Fair will provide tremendous benefits to you.

-   Over 1,000 exhibitors will display their products in the 63,000 square meters ground.

-   Over 268,000 professional and potential purchasers from the whole world.

-   One-stop purchase at the most competitive price directly offered by manufacturers.

-   A face-to-face opportunity to contact with the important suppliers of teas and tea-related products.

-   Service-oriented organizer with years of outstanding performance and expertise in trade exhibition.

-   World-class exhibition venue within UFI membership.



Why Xiamen, Fujian Province?

• Xiamen has a long history of tea.

-  China is the home country of tea. And the word of tea originates from Fujian Dialet.

-  Xiamen Port has ever been the starting point of the Tea Road on the sea, along which Chinese teas were shipped to the world in ancient times.

-  It also has been one of the major distributing centers of tea across the world.


• Fujian Provience is one of the most important tea-producing provinces in China.

-  China’s fullest range of teas, including green tea, oolong tea, black tea, white tea and scented tea.

-  520,800 tons of tea output in 2022, accounting for about 16% of that of the whole country.

-  More than 239,000 tea-related companies, including tea plantations, and tea processing factories.

-  Over 31,800 tons of tea exported through Fujian ports, generating 531,000,000 dollars foreign exchange.